Tax Rebates Service offers the most cost effective and easy to use online tax rebates service. will help you:

  • decide when to claim your UK tax rebate
  • enter your employment information to make sure you calculate the correct tax rebate amount
  • Complete only the needed information to finalise your tax rebate claim as quickly as possible
  • Print your tax refund claims pack and make sure you send your tax rebate claim to the correct UK tax office

You will be assisted every step of the way with the help of a very intuitive help system that was specifically created as part of our tax rebates service.

It’s the easiest, fastest and most cost effective way to claim your tax rebate in the UK. So why wait, register now with and claim your UK tax refund today!

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About Us is a Free information service regarding all your tax needs. Our services include:
1. A News Forum, to keep you up to date with any new developments in the UK tax arena.
2. An Advanced Tax Calculator, to provide you with a way to accurately calculate how much tax you should be paying.
3. Ground Breaking online tool to help you quickly and easily claim a tax refund from HMRC.

We take care of all the complexities of claiming your tax refund, while leaving you in total control of your money. No agent needed!

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